Friday 25 June 2010


I've been very naughty and have not done any crafting for a week! Have been clearing out the last of my parents house as the sale was completed on Monday and looking to exchange this coming Monday. It felt really strange standing in the empty house for the last time today before I took the keys down to the estate agent. A lot of memories came flooding back of the happy times we all had there. The end of a chapter and hopefully the beginnings of a new happier one for my son and I. Talking of my son, he’s off to his girlfriends Prom on Tuesday so off we set off to get him a suit after I had to pay a visit to the dentist as I have a gum infection and look very much like Miss Piggy at the moment. Armed with antibiotics and pain killers we set off for the shops. He ended up with a suit, shirt, tie, shoes and he wanted a waistcoat. With purse a lot lighter I marched him up to the hair dressers to see if they could sort out his mop. When he got home he was itching to try it all on, and he looked so smart. I thought this is my little boy all grown up !

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Hopefully next week I will get cracking again with some crafty posts.

Gayle x


  1. To quote Yaz,"The only way is Up!" thinking of you Gayle I know how hard it's all been,never easy putting away the past,here's to the future. Such a very grown up looking son too! how fast the years fly by!.x

  2. He's looking very spiffing. I hope he has a fab time, Dee xx

  3. Time flys - when you think back it only seems like yesterday when you were cradling him in your arms and now he's a man. He looks really smart.