Sunday 24 October 2010

Halloween American style ………

Afternoon everyone.

As promised I will be sharing with you some pictures I took on a visit to Vegas a couple of years ago. It is the most amazing place and hopefully will get back there some day. The Americans certainly know how to do the WOW factor.

My sister and I stayed at Caesars Palace – incredible place!  Next door was the Bellagio hotel ( the one that has the fountains that are synchronized with music ) in which they had a what they call the ‘Conservatory’ This is where they do the most amazing displays dependant on the time of year. We were lucky enough to be in Vegas in October so Halloween was was the theme.

Vegas & 50th 039The trees were amazing, the eyes followed you and they moved!

Vegas & 50th 037Vegas & 50th 072If you ever get the chance to visit then grab it with both hands! I absolutely loved it.

Vegas & 50th 038Vegas & 50th 040

I will share some more photos later in the week of some of the other hotels.

Gayle x   


  1. Great photos Gayle, somewhere that is on the "oneday" list :-) Those trees are amazing!